After the skiing season ends, Jackson swarms with tourists looking to enjoy the outdoors. Various activities from mountain biking and paragliding to hiking and camping attract visitors in the warmer months. The Jackson Hole cabins are some of the best in the country and will make the perfect spot to relax for a day or two. Here’s everything you should know before visiting Jackson Hole this summer.

What Makes Jackson Hole a Top Summer Destination

Nestled in the mountains in northwest Wyoming, Jackson Hole and Jackson Town has some of the best outdoor activities in the United States. Yellowstone National Park is nearby,and Grand Teton is just a stone’s throw away. Combine this with the endless opportunities for hiking in incredible landscapes surrounding the historical cowboy town, a wide variety of dining choices and a laid-back atmosphere. There are just some of the reasons why Jackson Hole is a favorite retreat.

The Best Time to Visit

Most tourists visit between June and August when daytime temperatures hover in the low 80s. If the air temperature is pleasant, it’s easier to enjoy the outdoors. But, the town and resort areas can feel crowded. If you want to avoid all the tourists, consider visiting in May. The weather remains mild in the daytime,and the prices drop slightly.

Must-Do Activities in Jackson Hole

The Teton Mountains and Teton National Park surround Jackson Hole. If you want to experience the outdoors, climb one of the peaks or hike along the trails. The best hiking spots in the national park loop around both Taggart and Bradley Lakes through the picturesque valleys. You could also follow the Death Canyon trail to its peak for stunning views.

Another must-do activity in this former cowboy town is to go horseback riding. Relive the days of the Wild West by following the trails on horseback. Trips range in length from short rides to multi-day expeditions with overnights stays in a tent. If you’re interested in cowboys and want an exceptional experience on your summer vacation, head to the stables and find a suitable tour.

As you drive in Jackson Hole, you’ll notice the exceptional beauty of the landscapes. If you have a car, follow one of the scenic drives through the mountains. Remember to pack a picnic, a fully-charged camera and plenty of water before heading out. Favorite routes include the Moose Wilson Road, Jenny Lake Scenic Loop, Kelly Loop and the Inner Park Road. The high Teton Pass connecting both valleys is a great drive too. Keep your eyes open for wildlife including elk, moose and various types of bird. If you’re very lucky, you might even spot a wolf.

Adrenaline-Pumping Activities

Because of the mountains and endless trails, mountain biking is a popularpastime. Rental shops in Jackson can provide bikes and equipment allowing you zoom up and down whenever you please. There are trails to suit all levels of ability from pathed routes to advanced runs with a series of jumps. If biking through the Tetons appeals to you, come here in the summer and take advantage of the trails.

Visitors can go paragliding at Jackson Hole too. First-time gliders fly in tandem with an expert instructor from the peak to the valley floor almost 1 kilometer below. Many people want to experience paragliding at least once in their lives. Why not take the opportunity when you visit the mountains this summer?

How to Relax in Jackson Hole

One of the easiest ways to relax is to find a rustic cabin in the mountains away from noise and civilization. Not only will you have the peace and serenity, but the views from the window will take your breath away. Getting the right accommodation in the most suitable spot is a must if you’re planning to enjoy the fresh mountain air to rejuvenate yourself.

Other suggestions would be to head to the crystal clear lakes and rent a canoe. The still water makes a perfect spot for gentle canoeing or floating along for an hour or two. And when the weather hits the mid-80s, dive in for a refreshing swim. Fishing enthusiasts can also rent a boat and go fishing along Snake River.

Helpful Suggestions

If you’re flying into Jackson, more likely than not, you’re going to rent a car. Having your own set of wheels is not only convenient,but it gives you the flexibility to explore the wonderful natural beauty surrounding you. However, be aware that the authorities are trying to discourage driving. This means parking spaces are limited and parking fees are high. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly faced with a $10 charge to leave your car at the foot of the mountain. In some places, parking is free when you carpool with three or more people. A good tip would be to use the public transport when you’re travelling around Jackson Town and the car for places further away.

Here’s a vital safety point tourists can easily forget when they’re enjoying the wilderness. Always remember bears and other forms of dangerous wildlife live in the mountains and backcountry. If you plan to go camping or head far along the trails, make sure you take precautions against any potential animal attacks. Find out the latest updates when you arrive and speak to rangers for safety advice.

Jackson Hole is the Perfect Summer Retreat

When you combine the spectacular scenery with the combination of activities from relaxation to adrenaline pumping, it’s easy to see why Jackson Hole is so famous. Enjoy the views, relax on the lake and go paragliding if you’re brave enough. Just remember that you’re not alone out in the wilderness.